A culinary journey through time

A culinary journey through time

Memories build our identity. Thanks to them, we remember the most important moments in life, we return to places where we spent good times, and we also like to travel to the past from time to time to taste once again the flavors that have been fondly kept in our memory for years. It was the love of childhood dishes, great passion and willingness to share it with others that led to the creation of Old Mill.


This is the only place on the culinary map of Poland where the past meets the present.

When thinking about childhood, many of us have in mind carefree time spent with our family, endless plays with our peers, but most of all a gleam in the eyes of a grandmother who prepares delicious dishes for her grandchildren. Sunday lunch, traditionally consisting of two dishes, compote with strawberries, and jelly with whipped cream for dessert. However, this is not the most common stimulus for culinary travel through time. The memory of dumplings stimulates the imagination much more. The most famous are Russian ones, perhaps the most popular with meat, and during the holidays, pierogi with fruit are served on the tables. All unique, all timeless and, above all, irreplaceable. Nowhere in the world you will find another such dish that will delight literally everyone!


History of the pierogi


For centuries, they have been served on Polish tables, enjoy our palates, giving unique taste sensations. However, we never wonder what their history is, how did they reach our country and became a national dish. There have been many legends about pierogi. One of them claims that they were brought by St. Jacek Odrowąż from Kiev. Hence, as you can guess, the name “Russian dumplings” came from. In the 12th century, however, potatoes were not known in the Kingdom of Poland, so an alternative to stuffing from Kiev was sought. This is how pierogi with cheese, groats, cabbage and mushrooms appeared on our tables. The traditional recipe, passed down from generation to generation, has survived to this day and is known all over the world, for example thanks to the establishment of the International Pierogi Day, which is celebrated on October 8. On this day, numerous festivals take place, during which you can learn not only the recipe for the most delicious pierogi, but also learn about the Polish history and the origin of this dish in our country.


A love of childhood flavors


Memories often determine our actions. Good associations create dreams that we strive to achieve in adulthood. This is what happened with the founder of Old Mill – Maciej Podlaszewski, this is where the childhood story about the love of tastes begins.


The great passion and love for Polish cuisine have determined the founder of the Old Mill restaurant chain to make a place where people meet a centuries-old tradition. Every day, every effort is made to ensure that guests can feel like home in Old Mill, enjoying culinary experiences. The menu of pierogi includes not only traditional dishes, but also pierogi from the oven, vegetarian or fried in a pan. Thanks to the wide offer, everyone can find something for themselves.


Childhood flavors are an important memory for us. We like to come back to them because they are associated with carefree time, joy, and most of all with awesome dishes most often prepared by grandma. Old Mill Pierogarnia has for many years ensured that Polish cuisine can give pleasure to everyone who likes traditional and good quality products. The most important thing in this work, however, is the passion and love that goes into preparing meals that allow you to take a culinary journey through time.

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