Celebrating Easter with the Old Mill

Celebrating Easter with the Old Mill

Easter eggs, sprinkled eggs, painted eggs… These are the words of the song that children learn in kindergartens during the Easter season, and this is how we hum it to ourselves: Dumplings, sausages, stuffed eggs… Because we know that Easter eggs are everyone’s cup of tea, but not everyone goes on their way to prepare holiday delicacies. So we come to the rescue and encourage you to celebrate Easter together with delicacies from the Old Mill’s Christmas catering offer!





We love Easter! Because it smells of spring, goodness and beauty, and tastes of the best – eggs from happy hens, wonderful, fresh cold meats, sour soup, which never comes out as good as just on holidays, and – of course – fluffy pierogi, because they are good for any occasion! It doesn’t matter whether you celebrate Easter in accordance with religious worship or treat it as a spring break – it’s always a good opportunity to sit together at the table and enjoy the gathering with loved ones and the delicacies that mark this special time. If you do not have the opportunity to prepare them yourself – the Easter offer of the Old Mill Pierogarnia is created just for you! With us you will feel the homemade flavors, melt the tradition and taste the novelty. Our Christmas menu is sure to satisfy you, satiate you and let you feel the true charm of Easter! Christmas catering from the Old Mill includes everything that should be on the holiday table. We serve both hot and cold dishes, snacks, desserts, side dishes, as well as soups. There will be something suitable for every gourmet! And what do we especially recommend from our special Easter offer?





It is said that there are those who can imagine Easter without sour soup… We are not one of them! At the Old Mill, not only do we make our own sourdough, but we also serve sour soup with homemade white sausage, which simply melts in the mouth. It is exceptionally aromatic and filling. But we also offer another soup, our Easter cream, wonderfully garlicky with a hint of horseradish, so very healthy, and simply delicious. We also recommend as many as five types of meat, including one fish, juicy and flavorful, with delicious sauces. There is also a choice of tasty side dishes – Silesian noodles, beetroot salads, kopytka… So everyone can compose their own perfect holiday dinner. Of course, even on Easter we will not lack dumplings, but this time in a truly festive version – we serve lepioches with white sausage and mini piecuszki a’la żur, which you simply must try, because they are really surprising. Also recommended for Easter dinner is fresh, aromatic bigos, our traditional one, the one you love so much!


It’s well known, as holidays go – one would still snack on something, and no Easter table is complete without cold snacks. In the Old Mill’s Easter menu we have both a bit of tradition and extravagance – there are eggs stuffed with everything good – both paste with cold meat, fish and vegetables – there is pate, typical Polish vegetable salad , homemade bread, cold pork loin … but we also have a salad with smoked chicken and juicy grapes, filling and refreshing at the same time. It will certainly be a tasty variety! As you know, the Easter menu can’t lack sweetness either! So the Old Mill recommends Grandma Ula’s pampered, filled with everything delicious, and an insanely sweet and crumbly marzipan with homemade fudge glaze. If you want to get sweet, it’s only in this style! If you develop a taste for something else, in addition to Easter catering, Old Mill also recommends looking at the regular menu, from which you can also order our delicacies during the holiday season.





If you’re keen to have a tasty, fragrant and traditional holiday, but at the same time don’t want to, can’t or simply don’t have the chance to spend a few days in the kitchen – take advantage of the opportunity to order Easter dishes from our Pierogarnias. Everything you taste with us, you can be sure of – we stick, mix, knead and stick together with passion and pleasure, for the love of good food. In addition, you can order various homemade preserves from us, and even interesting gadgets for real dumpling-maniacs. We put our hearts, the best ingredients and lots of positive energy into everything we do. We invite all lovers of good food to celebrate Easter with a festive take-out menu from the Old Mill!

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