Christmas for companies with the Old Mill Pierogarnia

Christmas for companies with the Old Mill Pierogarnia

Christmas Eve – nothing can compare to it, there is no other such magical day during the year! And there are no excuses not to spend it exceptionally, including in the comfort of the office space, when, after closing laptops and notebooks, everyone is smiling at the thought of the First Christmas. With our Pierogarnia you can organize a wonderful and tasty company Christmas Eve, which will be the perfect prelude to the festive leisure time.




Christmas is the perfect time to strengthen ties and create a unique atmosphere of partnership and togetherness. And nothing brings people together like a good meal! That’s why we invite you to take a look at our unique offer – the Old Mill recommends itself for corporate holidays, offering three catering options, depending on the time, possibilities and flavors. One thing is certain – our Christmas catering will change the face of the company Christmas Eve and transform it into a real, atmospheric, delicious holiday! What do we offer?




The traditional offer, ideal for a quick but quality corporate Christmas gathering after hours, will include our delicious borscht with fluffy stovetop and lepioche with cabbage and mushrooms. This is the perfect option for a small, but thirsty Christmas flavor hunger. We recommend delicious fried cabbage and sauce sets, as well as fresh, homemade red fruit compote. The culmination of the perfect holiday gathering will be our pampered hot apple pie, with ice cream and whipped cream. Its cinnamon-apple flavor is something you can’t miss during the December time.




If the company Christmas Eve is to have a slightly more lavish character, we suggest the noble offer, with a slightly more elaborate menu. It will include aromatic mushroom soup and a choice of two out of four main courses. Among them will be our dumplings and fish, along with two of four green side dishes – a choice of two types of cabbage, beets or a mix of salads, as well as two of four side dishes in the form of potatoes in various forms. You can also choose one of two desserts – chocolate cake or crispy meringue, while there is no limit on coffee, tea and water with lemon. Homemade compotes are suggested for dinner. Surely no one will leave such a festive party hungry!




When planning a sumptuous holiday gathering, one that will make everyone feel as if they were at a homemade Christmas Eve table, it’s worth checking out our royal offer, which is loaded with delicacies from our Pierogarnia. This time, the menu includes appetizers – fish and bigos, as well as two soups to choose from – borscht or mushroom soup, and as many as three main courses from among seven proposals! There are both our dumplings and fantastic meats, as well as fish. To them you can choose two of three potato side dishes and two of four greens. For dessert, we offer apple pie or chocolate cake. Dinner will be enhanced by drinks – homemade compotes, unlimited coffee, tea and water with lemon, as well as a glass of deep, flavorful fruit wine, which each celebrant will receive free of charge. Such a company Christmas dinner everyone will remember for a long time!




After a delicious Christmas Eve dinner, it’s time for, yes, gifts! Here, too, you should trust us, as we are specialists in making people happy and have delicious suggestions for Christmas gifts for employees. We offer two sets of delicacies from our pantries that will make every winter evening more pleasant – Jarosz’s Gift and Angel’s Gift, among them aromatic jams, spreads and other delicacies. You can also order a bottle of Polish dry wine with pear flavor! However, if you find it hard to decide on any option, you can also choose a gift card to the Old Mill, to be redeemed at one of our Pierogarnia – then everyone will follow their own heart and their own taste!

Attention, attention – the gifts can be personalized, adding, for example, the company logo. They are also elegantly packaged!

A company Christmas party is the perfect time for integration, having fun together away from your duties and just having a nice time with your co-workers. If it is also honored with delicious food, prepared with heart, from excellent ingredients – what more could you want? Christmas corporate catering from Stary Mlyn will surely make your business Christmas Eve the perfect culmination of a whole year of fruitful cooperation, and at the same time the perfect introduction to the magical Christmas time. We will make sure that it will be simply delicious!

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