Christmas menu from the Old Mill

Christmas menu from the Old Mill

Soon every home will be filled with gourmet smells, remarks of “save it, it’s for Christmas”, stocks of honey, flour and dried mushrooms… Ah, Christmas! Could there be a more beautiful time? Everyone looks forward to it and everyone wants Christmas to be perfect. And with Old Mill, to want is to be able to. Because even if you’re not a master chef, or don’t have the time or ability to organize a Christmas menu – you can count on us and our range of Christmas take-out dishes!




Not everyone necessarily feels a knack for cooking, but at Christmas everyone wants to eat well! We also like delicacies, what’s more – we love to prepare them. That’s why for all those who dream of a tasty Christmas meal, we have a special Christmas catering offer, which includes more and less classic dishes, perfect for the Christmas Eve and Christmas table.

What awaits on our Christmas menu? Of course, there can be no shortage of soups, so we offer as many as three to choose from – wonderfully red borscht, aromatic mushroom soup and decent sour soup, with ravioli or pasties with cabbage and mushrooms to choose from. For the main course, the Old Mill recommends dumplings improved with love and a carol on the lips – lepiochy and piecuchy, well stuffed with everything that tastes perfect for the holidays. For main courses, we recommend five meat dishes – duck, poultry and pork – and fish, all with aromatic sauces, with fresh herbs and mushrooms. They can be accompanied by delicious side dishes – baked potatoes, Silesian dumplings or beetroots, coleslaw or classic red cabbage. For a snack and a sense of wonderful fullness, we offer warm snacks, with carp at the top, hunter’s bigos and juicy trout baked whole, as well as cold nibbles, among which herring, pate and delicious cold meats reign supreme. As you can see, the Christmas Eve menu from the Old Mill is full of goodness!

No Christmas dinner is complete without dried fruit compote, so it too will be included in our Christmas Eve catering! It’s perfect for digestion!




Nothing tastes so good after Christmas dinner (… and dinner too!) as a delicious cake. So we too offer delicious desserts for the Christmas table. In our Pierogarnia, traditional apple pie reigns supreme, made of Polish apples, with aromatic cinnamon and perfectly crisp pastry. In addition, we also have a fluffy royal cheesecake, our specialty with perfectly balanced sweetness, and a hit – carrot-nut cake, which is perfect for the winter time.




Of course, in addition to the Christmas menu, you can also place orders for dishes from our regular menu, which we sincerely encourage you to do – you can add something from it for your Christmas dinner to make it even more delicious and festive. During this period, all our dishes are prepared to the rhythm of Christmas tunes, so they will be perfect on the table at this special time. We encourage you to indulge in our wines, perfect with the dishes, as well as to pamper yourself with a variety of lepioches, desserts or salads, for which the Old Mill is famous.




It’s hard to imagine Christmas without gifts, and sometimes it’s even harder to find the perfect ones. But we have also thought about this in Stary Młyn and have prepared something perfect for lovers of gourmet flavors. We offer two bespoke gift sets – Tea Gift, Jarosz Gift and Angel Gift, which contain a host of our delicacies, including delicious sweet preserves and spreads. This is an ideal idea for a “collective” gift – for Grandparents, Parents, long-lost Uncles and Aunts, to whom you want to give a little pleasure. We can personalize the gifts, add selected goodies to them, and they are also packaged accordingly. Nothing but to place under the Christmas tree and wait for the joy!

As always, all our Christmas custom dishes are prepared with the best ingredients, sticky, cut, chopped and stuffed by hand, and put all the feelings into them. On Christmas especially! All to make this magical time truly special, filled with flavors and aromas that bring happiness. We encourage you to get acquainted with our Christmas menu and to place orders. Christmas catering from the Old Mill will allow you to save time and focus on what is most important – joyful moments together. And it doesn’t at all change the fact that they will be exceptionally delicious and exactly as they should be on Christmas!

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