Dumplings pantry

Dumplings pantry

The pantry evokes associations with Grandma’s cellar, which is filled to the brim with preserves with home-made specialties, reminiscent of memories of the past summer and the warmth of a hearth. Can there be anything better than homemade flavors closed in jars that you can open at any time and arrange a feast for yourself and your loved ones…?


Old Mill Pantry is nothing more than an online treasury with the best: with oven-baked pierogi, boiled pierogi, preserves, ready-made dishes in jars and other delicacies. And all these are closed in jars, bottles and take-out packages in order to go straight to your door.


No matter where you live – in the mountains, at the seaside, Masuria or abroad – there are no insurmountable obstacles for us – we also deliver our products outside of Poland. Soon the pierogi crazyness will sweep the whole world! And all this is possible thanks to the fact that our pierogi are tempered and packaged in a protective atmosphere with an expiry date of 2 weeks, and ready meals and preserves are pasteurized.

The most important thing about home cooking is that everything is hand-made in Toruń, without any additives, flavor enhancers or dyes.


We make sure that all the products sold in the Pantry are of the highest quality and that, heated at home, do not differ in taste from those prepared in Pierogarnia Stary Młyn, and that the restaurant experience can come to your homes permanently.

Enjoy our homemade preserves that smell like love for cooking!


And what is actually behind the fact that the Pantry was established?


First of all, we wanted to transfer the culinary experience from Old Mill Pierogarnia to our guests’ tables without leaving home. We opened our Pantry not only for the love of serving home-made dinners that can be opened at any time and savor the taste of hand-made products, but also because of the pandemic that forced the restaurant to close temporarily for guests and caused the need for non-contact deliveries, which are now possible and so willingly taken.


Everyone will find something for themselves in our Pantry:

  • oven-baked pierogi, including traditional Grandma’s with white cheese and cream, and Ruskie with cottage cheese, potatoes and onions,
  • boiled pierogi, including Pirackie, Rycerskie or Diabelskie … – check what flavors are hidden under these names,
  • soups and ready meals, including borsch, Polish bigos or stew,
  • fruit preserves, including our pride, that is plums in syrup, which are the winner of the first place in the competition “Our Good from Kujawy and Pomerania”, as well as fruit preserves and nectars.


Our offer also includes vegan dishes so that everyone can enjoy the taste of pierogi that have no equal. And that’s not all! There are many products in our store: vinegars, spreads, honey, drips, sauces, syrups, sweets, coffee and tea … There are so many of them that it is beyond the head!


The good news is that apart from the Internet, on the website spizarnia.pierogarnie.com you can meet us stationary in several cities under the name of Old Mill Frykasy. You can buy there products that are sold in the Old Mill Pantry online store, and the icing on the cake is that we also deliver from stationary stores – just call us.


Here is where you can find us stationary:

  • Toruń, General Józefa Bema Street 44-58,
  • Kwidzyn, Krótka Street 4,
  • Brodnica, Henryka Sienkiewicza Street 6,
  • Gdynia, Admiral Józefa Unruga Street 5.


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