Easter at the Old Mill

Easter at the Old Mill

What is the taste of Easter? The taste of Easter is sour soup, which tastes even more special during this period, country eggs and fresh cold meats. Easter is spring and nature waking up, Easter is feasting with the family at the same table. At the Old Mill you will find dishes that will make your time together more enjoyable. We have tried to preserve the traditional taste of Polish cuisine, bringing out the best of it. If you don’t have time to prepare exceptional dishes – we will help you!



Do you celebrate Easter? We know that some celebrate this holiday according to religion, others treat it as a spring break, and still others as an opportunity to get together with loved ones to spend time together and taste exceptional dishes. The Easter offer was created based on your favorite flavors and traditions, so that you can feel the true atmosphere of Easter. Easter catering is a combination of what should be on the holiday table and what is the culmination of traditional Polish cuisine!



Where to begin… Let’s get straight to the specifics! What would Easter be without sour soup? Thick sour soup served with homemade sausage on sourdough, which we make ourselves. At the Old Mill we focus on tradition, so we are also the creators of this delicious sausage ourselves. You can lose yourself in its insane taste and smell, which floats throughout the house during the holidays.


For Easter breakfast, there is nothing better than fresh, homemade bread with a crispy crust! In Pierogarnia’s Easter offer you will find rye bread baked by us. It’s a great choice for a family breakfast. To go with it, we recommend our spreads! The original lentil spread, Grandma’s traditional lard or wild boar pate are all available in our Pantry!


Are pierogi a good idea for Easter? Any occasion is a good one to taste the maddening boiled pierogi! On the occasion of Easter, we have prepared for you a new version of pierogi stuffed with peculiar white sausage, sourdough sour soup paste and horseradish-béchamel sauce. Traditional taste of Easter closed in delicate pierogi dough – you could not miss it!


For the perfect Easter dinner, we also recommend pork bites in scion sauce with pickled cucumber, which will add variety to the feast! Traditional Silesian noodles, which are distinguished by their fluffiness, will fit in perfectly. You can also compose your perfect dinner by choosing an option from our Pantry! What have we hidden in these little jars? Delicacies themselves! Among them, Grandma Ula’s bigos that you love so much, fried cabbage, spicy mirabelle jam or juicy plums in syrup.


Finally, a delicious dessert that delights with its flavor and deliciousness – cheesecake with lemon sauce will satisfy any palate. The texture of this unique cake is as fluffy as a cloud, and the lemon sauce is the culmination of this delicious moment.



The Old Mill cherishes traditions, sometimes diversifying them through the form of serving dishes. If this Easter you want to enjoy delicious dishes, but you are not on your way to cooking we will be happy to help you! We give a guarantee of high quality, because in addition to our knowledge, experience and the highest quality ingredients, we also put a lot of love into our dishes. If you want to feel the taste of grandma’s delicacies, take advantage of the Easter offer from the Old Mill Pierogarnia!



How to order catering from Pierogarnia Stary Młyn? Write to us – katarzyna.wojniusz@pierogarnie.com or call 530-691-776! For those who are far away from the Pierogarnia, our Pantry will offer a special Easter set, which can be ordered with safe delivery by courier or parcel machine. Thanks to pasteurization, the products will reach you tasty and fresh! What is included in the Easter kit? Loved by our guests Kujawski sour soup with homemade sausage, traditional Silesian dumplings, pork bitki in scion sauce, wild boar pate, Grandma Ula’s bigos and jarred sausage. This set is a great option for those who want to spend Easter holidays in a tasty and convenient way.

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