Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day with the Old Mill Pierogarnia

Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day with the Old Mill Pierogarnia

A mesh of charming wrinkles on the face, warm, soft hands, no longer so strong, but always open arms, radiance, wisdom and love in the eyes – such are Grandmother and Grandfather, persons taken out as if from the pages of a fairy tale, filled only with what is good. In our Dumplings they take their special place – Grandparents as chief gourmets, and Grandmothers as masters of deliciousness. We invite you to celebrate together and honor your Grandfathers and Grandmothers with our products!




How is it that the broth from Grandma ALWAYS tastes better than the one made exactly the same, but by Mom? Why is it that Grandma can make the perfect dough for dumplings? Why does she always have sweets in her “magic cupboard” when she herself avoids them because of the sugar? How is she able to knit when her eyes refuse to work and her hands go numb?

And Grandpa? Is there something he doesn’t know how to do? How does he do it that he is never late, yet he doesn’t have a smartphone with reminders? How is it that he has as many as four sticks, and a condition better than Dad….? And how come he has so many treasures if he doesn’t like going to the stores?

Everyone has their own story with Grandmothers and Grandfathers in the starring role, but they all have one thing in common – they always evoke a tear of emotion, laughter to bursting or just a tender smile. Having Grandparents is like having a real treasure at home, and anyone who still has them should feel special. They are like a portal between two worlds, a real treasure trove of knowledge, experience and love. Therefore, when Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day is approaching, it is worth celebrating it in the right way to make them feel special. They definitely deserve it!

That’s why we encourage you to take advantage of the offer of our Pierogarnia – we know all about the tastes of Grandmothers and Grandfathers, because… that’s what we draw from them! And we have enclosed them in a gift basket full of charm and deliciousness, which will be perfect as a beautiful gift for this wonderful day!




What have we included in our gift set for Grandparents? Something perfect to warm up on a winter’s evening, strengthen immunity, fill the house with a wonderful aroma and simply savor pleasant moments. It’s the perfect gift for both good health and even better well-being! The basket available at Toronto Pierogarnias includes:

  • gingerbread spread
  • plums in syrup
  • apple and cinnamon infusion
  • quince syrup
  • rose petal jam
  • black currant nectar

How do we know the perfect gift for Grandma and Grandpa? It’s simple. We put our hearts, good emotions and experience into everything we make, what’s more – we are helped by… our own Grandmothers! Very many of the recipes for our dishes come right from grandmothers’ notebooks, and it’s from them that we know so much about flavors, shapes, forms, methods and tricks, so that all our dishes are filled with both taste and love. The Old Mill Pantry, therefore, will feature an abundance of traditional flavors, created in a warm, homey atmosphere. It can be felt, it can be tasted, and it is sure to be appreciated by all Grandparents!

What’s more – our gifts can be personally delivered to the home of every Grandmother and every Grandfather in the area of Toruń, or sent by courier service. Grandparents are capable of surprises, so why not repay them in the same way…?




Of course, we are well aware that every Grandma and every Grandpa have different tastes. So if you are not sure whether our basket of delicacies will actually taste good – we invite you to celebrate Grandparents’ Day in a different way!

The menu of our Pierogarnias is tailored so that each generation will find its perfect taste. So we encourage you to invite your Grandparents for a delicious lunch or dinner. Our pierogi, lepioches, soups or meats are sure to pamper their palates. You should also check out our other gift offers, as well as compose a basket full of goodies for Grandparents yourself. In our pantry you can find, among other things, delicious spreads, real, natural fruit preserves – jams, nectars and syrups – interesting vinegars, as well as honeys, coffees, teas, sweets and various kinds of beverages. It’s also worth taking a peek at our gadgets – maybe Grandma needs a new shopping bag, and Grandpa a pen? We also recommend vouchers – then Grandparents themselves will choose the perfect day to eat something delicious.

To have Grandma and Grandpa is to be really lucky! It’s worth enjoying, it’s worth appreciating and… it’s worth pleasing with exceptionally tasty gifts! We invite you to celebrate Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day with Pierogarnia Stary Młyn!

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