Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day

Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day



Grandma and Grandpa’s Day is fast approaching – one of those days when we can stop and reminisce about shared moments with them and sink into childhood memories, which we’re sure many of us associate with delicious homemade food at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. After all, they have it down to a science that they don’t let anyone go without dinner with a side dish and dessert.


Established in 1964, Grandmothers’ Day, since its inception, has invariably been eagerly celebrated by grandmothers and loving grandchildren, who rush to them on this day with laurels, flowers and boxes of chocolates. After all, this is the day when we can thank them for their care, love and the mass of understanding and patience that only grandmothers have.


Grandparents’ Day, despite the fact that it is a younger holiday established only in the 1970s, today is as important a day for grandparents themselves as it is for grandchildren. After all, none other than Grandpa can cheer up the faces of his grandchildren even on the most cloudy day and share his knowledge and stories about the old days.


Poems could be written about how important Grandparents are in our lives, but we’ll just say that for us as the Pierogarnia Crew they were of exceptionally high importance. Mainly we mean Grandmother Ula, whose grandchildren are the founders of Pierogarnia. It was her cooking, in which she put all her heart and meticulousness in preparing meals for the whole family, that inspired them, and she herself was a role model when creating the first Pierogarnia Stary Toruń, which became the mother restaurant for the later established Pierogarnia Stary Młyn, which you will find in Toruń, Gdańsk, Łódź, Bydgoszcz, Poznań and soon in Kalisz.


Watching with what care Grandma sticks the pierogi, closing with a beautiful frill the pierogi filled to the brim with delicious stuffing and Grandma’s love, we fell in love with this dish, which seemingly simple it steals the heart of probably all our compatriots and foreign tourists who want to taste what the Poles enjoy. From the feedback we have heard, we know that more than once they fall in love with our flavor variations on the theme of pierogi.


We also can’t forget about Grandpa, because who would Grandma cook for with such love, if she didn’t have Grandpa at her side, who always, whether hungry or not, eats Grandma’s pierogies, cakes, jams and other specialties… We at the Old Mill Pierogarnia use Grandma’s notebook, where we find secret recipes for favorite dishes, recipes for preserves and sweets.


This year we propose to invite them to a dumpling feast at the Old Mill Pierogarnia. We believe that by relieving them of cooking that day, we will give them together considerable pleasure for the soul and body. And if you are already a grandmother or grandfather, we invite you together with your grandchildren to a Polish dinner with a modern twist, i.e. traditional sticky dumplings, or our trademark – pierogi from the oven. For dessert – why not? – we also suggest pierogi, but sweet with shortcrust pastry.


To celebrate this holiday at our Pierogarnia, we have prepared a little surprise for everyone. On January 21-22, giving the password “Grandmother’s Certificate” to your table, you will receive a jar of our homemade jam free of charge.


On our website you can also order unique gifts with shipping prepared especially for these days.




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