International Pierogi Day with Old Mill Pierogarnia

International Pierogi Day with Old Mill Pierogarnia

Polish culture is not only history, art and monuments. Polish culture is also known and appreciated all over the world. Among the full range of delicious dishes, pierogi have been of the greatest interest for years. There is a reason why they got their holiday. International Pierogi Day is celebrated around the world on October 8.


When traveling, we like to try foreign dishes. In Rome, we have to taste a thin crust pizza, in France, croissants are an indispensable element of sweet breakfasts, and Athens is associated with olives. Sooner or later, everything ceases to matter, and the former excitement is replaced by a longing for the homeland and your favorite dishes. Of course, the most popular are pierogi. The variety of flavor means that almost everyone can find something for themselves. One day salty pierogi, another day sweet ones, anything good not only for vegetarians, but also satisfying the needs of real meat lovers. For years, pierogi have been appreciated by gourmets around the world, which is reflected in numerous festivals, races and international holidays.


International pierogi day


In many cases, Polish emigrants or their descendants contributed to the popularization of pierogi abroad. In the United States, pierogi-mascot races have been organized for years, making baseball matches and numerous festivals more attractive. In Canada, pierogi even have their sumptuous monument. The International Pierogi Day, celebrated on October 8, is an opportunity for people from all over the world to learn about Polish history, culture and, most of all, cuisine. Few of us are aware that pierogi were already known in the Middle Ages. For the sake of taste, and above all, high calorific value, they were one of the favorite dishes of peasants working in the fields and forests.


Taking care of  the highest quality


It’s not easy to find a flavor that will stay with us forever. Old Mill Pierogarnia has for many years ensured that the national dish meets the highest standards and is remembered. This is possible thanks to the great passion of the founders of the restaurant chain, who make every effort to ensure that their products are not only tasty, but also distinguished by high-quality ingredients. It is also important to follow a specific recipe, allowing the continuation of the tradition passed down from generation to generation. Old Mill Pierogarnia, bearing in mind both Polish culture and contemporary consumer tastes, offers not only traditional pierogi – boiled in water, but also oven-baked, vegetarian or fried ones. Restaurateurs take all actions out of love for Polish cuisine so as to uphold the tradition and meet the expectations of the guests. Dishes prepared in “Old Mill” are prepared with ingredients from the best regional suppliers, including local greengrocers, vineyards and a craft brewery. All this means that we can obtain high-quality dumplings whose distinctive taste remains in the memory for a long time. – emphasizes Maciej Podlaszewski, the owner of Old Mill Pierogarnia.


Tradition without limits


Until now, Old Mill Pierogarnia has been known in the north of the country, including Toruń, Poznań, Bydgoszcz and Gdańsk. Now is the time to broaden your horizons significantly. On Saturday, a new premises was opened at Piotrkowska Street in Łódź. More points on the map are planned soon. In the coming years, further investments are planned in central Poland and in the south of the country. After the opening of a restaurant in Łódź, we are preparing to start arrangements in Warsaw. The main goal of our activities is to watch over the tradition and spread the culinary tradition throughout Poland. – explains Maciej Podlaszewski.


Language, country, customs and cuisine are the elements that give each nation its identity. You can be proud of the beauty of nature, the magnificence of monuments, or a tradition focused on local culture. However, what most appealing to our senses are the dishes. Old Mill Pierogarnia discovered this secret many years ago. Since then, he has been preparing unforgettable dishes every day. The highest quality of products, and above all, love for the work done with other people in mind, is their way of success.


Old Mill Pierogarnia is a chain of restaurants that have been on the culinary map since 2007. The first place was opened in Toruń as Old Toruń and it fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the Old Town and gained the interest of guests. The menu based on traditional recipes and the unique interior design proved to be perfect, which is why a second restaurant was opened after 16 months. In 2009, the construction of the franchise system began. Currently, Old Mill Pierogarnia can be found in Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Poznań and Łódź.


Old Mill prepares dishes of the highest quality while maintaining traditions passed down from generation to generation. The greatest advantage of the dishes are products from local producers, thanks to which the resulting taste is a paradise for the palate.

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