Mother’s Day at the Old Mill

Mother’s Day at the Old Mill

There is no other word that hides so much love, goodness and warmth. There are no other four letters that make up such a perfect whole. Mom. The one who will always advise, put together a broken heart, listen to every story. The one who waits with hot tea, wonderful broth and always open arms….

Mother’s Day is just a moment away, a special holiday for every Mom. And although it is only one day, you can turn it into moments that will remain in your memory forever. The Old Mill invites you to celebrate together with tasty food and have a good time. Let every Mom step away from the pots for a moment, let her not reheat the soup, let her not think about lunch for tomorrow. Let all the goodness and beauty return to her. Let her feel the way she deserves!




Our dumpling shops honor several principles. As you know, we appreciate all six basic flavors – sweet, salty, bitter, sour, umami and yakummy, which we compose to create unique sensations and experiences. Passion and love are also important to us – without them, it is difficult to make even the simplest meal. But what is most important to us is… joy. The joy of eating, of shared moments, of sighs and whispers over plates. That’s why the Old Mill is the perfect place for family gatherings. With us everyone will feel at ease and be pampered with wonderful flavors. A bit like home, but also a bit different. Because with us all Moms will feel special, eat something delicious, taste something new and not have to do anything at the same time. Could there be anything better…?

We invite you to celebrate Mother’s Day in our dumpling shops. The weather is getting more and more pleasant, which goes perfectly with our summer novelties, among which there will be perfect flavors for every mom’s palate.




May 26 – one day, 24 hours. It’s very little, and yet enough to give your beloved Mom a lot of positive, wonderful experiences, appreciate her and make her happy. She will surely enjoy a joint outing with her family, during which she will be able to enjoy wonderful dishes, eat a sweet dessert, have a tasty drink and simply relax, indulging in joyful chats with her loved ones.

To start the celebration, we suggest delicious, very light and summer salads. Surely every Mom will appreciate their composition – neat, colorful, but also artistic, and above all – tasty! For the main course we recommend, by the way, dumplings! How delicious they taste when you don’t have to stick them yourself, right? Among our dumpling gems we have delicious Religious dumplings, with salami and cheddar cheese, and Spring dumplings, which are just perfect for a summer day. All of our dumplings taste great, but also… homemade. After all, we stick them ourselves just as our Moms taught us!

The Old Mill will also have the best dessert for Mother’s Day. It should be as sweet as Mom’s kiss, as beautiful as her smile, as filling as her good words, and one you want to return to – just like her arms. The Old Mill has something like that! Let every Mom feel how special she is by indulging in our fluffy meringue with velvety cream and wonderfully sweet fruit.




When the excitement has subsided after a long day of festivities, our dumpling shops offer something light both for the body and for the spirit – our delicious spirits will wonderfully turn up the atmosphere of joyful, pleasant moments. Delicious drinks will delight with flavor compositions, and Polish vodkas and liqueurs will wonderfully warm up on a cold evening. We will also have tasty non-alcoholic cocktails to refresh and energize. These are perfect suggestions for topping off an equally perfect day!




In our dumpling shops we serve deliciousness every day, not just on holidays. But on Mother’s Day there will be much more gratitude, love and care on our plates. It won’t be pinches, grams, ounces or dabs – on this day there is no question of any moderation. For just as maternal love knows no bounds, there is no measure that will convey how grateful we are to our Moms. Each should feel it, each Mom should be aware of how much she is loved.

That’s why we invite you to the Old Mill to celebrate this one and only day of the year, when the word thank you has a special meaning, greater than ever. With us it will also have a special taste.


Check out on our Facebook profiles what fun we have prepared for you. You can win a gift set (3 jams, fruit wine, apple pie and a bouquet of flowers) delivered to Beloved Mom on May 26 ❤️

Love delivered right to the door….

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