Spring and summer at Old Mill Pierogarnia

Spring and summer at Old Mill Pierogarnia

Spring is somehow entering us so timidly, but the Old Mill does not intend to wait and is refreshing its menu today! Our dumpling shops invite you to new spring-summer flavors, which will be a regular item on the menu until autumn. It will be light and seasonal, but there will also be plenty of specifics. In a word – it will be simply delicious, as well as surprising!





It’s always fresh, crisp and succulent in our dumpling shops, but we have to admit that spring and summer expand our horizons even more and enrich our culinary imagination, providing plenty of opportunities to use seasonal vegetables, fresh meat and herbs. That’s why we are expanding the menu both in terms of snacks and light dishes, as well as something for greater hunger. Among the new additions to the Old Mill’s menu will be solid portions of greens, fresh vegetables and fruits, but there will also be plenty of meat, encased in a variety of dumplings, constantly and invariably made with love and commitment. Also among the desserts and beverages, we have a variety of interesting novelties, ideal to pamper ourselves in the first warm rays of the sun. And what specifically awaits lovers of dumplings and more…?





There’s nothing better than a light spring soup made of vegetables – so we invite you to a spring palace, into which everything that is in season falls. This real bomb of health and energy smells insanely and will delight all lovers of delicious soups. And for traditionalists, the Old Mill offers Czerniecki’s Polish broth, served every Saturday and Sunday. For moderate hunger, we also recommend a set of new spreads, served with our crusty bread. Beans, duck, paprikash in the form of delicious spreads are perfect both for breakfast and for an after-work snack. We also have no shortage of greens – unctuous salads are ideal not only for those who want to watch the line in spring and summer. They are filling, full of all that is good and what nature has given, composed so beautifully that your eyes would eat!





Meaty, sweet, vegetarian and vegan – known and loved. And among them also lurk delicious novelties, such as Lamb dumplings, with the flavor of cranberries and oranges, which immediately transport you somewhere to a green, juicy meadow. There are also Praży Kasha dumplings, with black pudding, stewed onions and… cinnamon, which are as unobvious as they are delicious! Also worth trying are Biesiada dumplings, with duck thigh and fruity notes, and… paprikash black dumplings with mackerel and other delicacies.


Our vegetarian dumplings are also solidly spoiled – onion dumplings tempt with spinach, sorrel, grits and cheese, while izb ones with lentils and mushrooms. Carotta ones, on the other hand, are intriguing, combining carrots, peas and thyme. For vegans we also have something – spring and gardener’s dumplings, stuffed with wonderful vegetables and herbs that smell captivating. And for gourmands – sweet latkes dumplings, with raspberries, white chocolate and mint. You have to admit that they both taste and look insane!





Sweet strawberry, white chocolate and basil… It sounds like debauchery, or a filling for our new fluffy dumplings. This dish would be perfect for both dinner and afternoon tea, in fact, any time! Our new dessert offerings also include sweet, crispy dumplings – royal dumplings with marzipan, cherries and almonds, as well as seasonal dumplings full of juicy fruits that have come fresh from the orchards. Which ones specifically? That will always be a surprise! Grandma also has sweet new desserts to offer – walnut cloud under a crumble, meringue with currant in mint and chocolate heaven. It doesn’t take much explaining – everything has a wonderfully balanced sweetness, perfect crunchiness, melts in the mouth and simply allows you to reach full happiness!





The warmer weather makes you want to drink right away! And at Old Mill we know how to quench your thirst with taste. Our new products include several flavors of juices and homemade drinks made from delicious, juicy fruits, as well as refreshing iced drinks or new syrups, perfect with coffee. We also encourage you to enjoy our new plum and thyme non-alcoholic drinks and the traditional ones, based on Baczewski whisky and Zubrowka, as well as mirabelle liqueur, black currant and raspberry wines and flavored beers. Among the novelties at the Old Mill, there is something for everyone, so we encourage you to take a spring stroll in our direction!

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