Tastes of Easter from the Old Mill

Tastes of Easter from the Old Mill

What does Easter smell like? Certainly, grasses oozing with growth, cress and daffodils. And what does it taste like? Definitely eggs, white sausage, sour soup… Or at least it should be! Easter, although it lasts only two days, has a unique atmosphere. In order to spend them in the most traditional, delicious way, without wasting a single precious moment of it, the Old Mill has prepared a special offer of Easter catering for all gourmets, not only dumpling-maniacs!




A spring, warm, joyful holiday such as Easter should – as tradition (… and also desire!) dictates – be celebrated at a lavishly set table, full of dishes that are not eaten every day, and even if – just on Easter they taste completely different. Although it’s only two festive days, the list of Easter dishes is long and full of deliciousness! One would so much like to prepare everything, to taste everything… For all those who do not have the time or ability to stand in the kitchen, or who are thinking how to make the most of their time with the Family, and at the same time treat them with tasty dishes, our Pierogarnias have prepared a special Easter takeaway menu, so you can save time, and at the same time be sure that the holiday table will not lack anything essential and most delicious.

The Old Mill’s Easter catering offer will include everything you need to feel the magic and taste of a traditional Easter. Two proposals await soup lovers – a classic, prepared according to the traditional method, sour soup with homemade white sausage, or a slightly more modern, but truly delicious garlic cream. They will be the perfect introduction to the Christmas dinner.

Meat lovers can treat themselves to several types of meat, served in delicious, aromatic sauces that will fill the house with herbal notes. There will also be a fish dish that is sure to impress with its presentation. Served with our side dishes – wonderful, truly spring salads and salads composed of fresh, crunchy vegetables or noodles pampered by us – it is sure to please everyone.

Of course, the Old Mill is full of dumplings, so you can’t miss them either! For Easter we fill our lepioches with a unique stuffing, which will perfectly emphasize the atmosphere of Christmas. On the other hand, piecuszki will be that…exactly THING you would love to eat between meals! Also worth mentioning is our hunter’s bigos, which tastes great for any holiday, any time of year!




No Easter without stuffed eggs, vegetable salad, pate and a plate full of juicy cold cuts. And that’s exactly the kind of breakfast we offer at the Old Mill, perfect to start the celebration in the most delicious way. No one will lack pleasure – meat and fish dishes, wonderful appetizers and typical spring flavors.

After breakfast, to a warm cup of coffee, we offer a traditional Easter spread. It is insanely sweet, crumbles wonderfully and tastes simply delicious, and will present itself beautifully on the holiday table. On the other hand, for chocolate lovers we recommend brownie, which will surprise you with its taste and more! Its unusual appearance is sure to emphasize the solemn, festive character of the meeting at the holiday table.

Our bespoke Easter menu also includes wines, perfectly matched to the taste of the food, with very fresh, refreshing compositions that will work well both as an aperitif before dinner and as a finish to a sweet dessert.




All our dishes are prepared according to traditional, homemade recipes, with ingredients of the highest quality, to make it simply fresh, tasty, healthy and enjoyable. You can also add dishes from the classic offer to our Christmas menu – according to your taste and wishes. As usual, our wonderful dumplings, filled with the best of what we have to offer, hand-stuffed with passion and joy, await everyone. You can also choose other delicacies, which perhaps will become a new holiday tradition. Customized Easter menus are available at each of our dumpling shops.

Interestingly, the Old Mill also offers exceptionally interesting goodies for all dumpling lovers and enthusiasts of good food in general! It is worth telling the Hare that with us he will easily fill his basket to the brim with tasty and really pleasant gifts.


Easter catering offer for each city can be found at the following link: https://www.pierogarnie.com/oferta-wielkanocna/

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