Valentine’s Day at the Old Mill Pierogarnia

Valentine’s Day at the Old Mill Pierogarnia

How can you express your love? Not without reason, it is said that: Through the stomach to the heart! Spent moments over a meal prepared together – cooking for loved ones is even more enjoyable and gives us even more satisfaction. Meals prepared with love, tenderness and warmth by our loved ones, mothers or grandmothers taste special. Our cooks also fulfill this role one hundred percent, preparing pierogi by filling them not only with delicious filling, but also with love. Enjoy a special Valentine’s Day in a warm and homely atmosphere, which is given by special decorations.




Is the holiday of lovers only for couples? Of course not! On this day gifts straight from the heart are usually given to couples, but also to friends or siblings. Therefore, this is a beautiful holiday that reminds how important it is to confess your feelings to each other. You can express it with our help!


What will work for Valentine’s Day from the pierogi menu? A combination of juicy cherries and melting dark chocolate, enclosed in a delicate and fluffy dough – DessertLove is love from the first… bite! The combination of cherries and chocolate literally melts in the mouth.


During the holiday of lovers, it is worth raising a toast – to love, to friendship, to family! For this moment we recommend our unique drink – Gooseberry Love. It’s a combination of non-alcoholic sparkling wine, cucumber, intense mint and expressive gooseberry mousse. To warm your hearts even more, we recommend hot chocolate with cherry-vanilla glaze and our traditional whipped cream and Maldon salt. This combination will sweeten and warm your hearts even more.




Poles’ hearts are also filled with love for our traditional food. We love to eat well and we love Polish dishes – pierogi, potato noodles, żurek, bigos or kopytka, all these specialties make our love for Polish cuisine grow!


Pierogarnia Stary Młyn is a place where we have nurtured our love for Polish cuisine for years. We try to use the recipes of our grandmothers to take us back to the times of carefree childhood with our taste.


Our love for tradition can also be seen in the decor of each establishment. Warm and cozy interiors in a rustic style make you feel at home. In addition, the Valentine’s Day atmosphere is added by our special decorations, which are at every turn.




The best gift we can give a partner, partner or close family is time spent together! At the Old Mill, meetings will pass in a Valentine’s Day and homey atmosphere – among smells and tastes that stimulate the senses. In our menu you will find traditional, regional and national dishes.


Nothing brings you closer than shared conversations, smiles, exchanging glances, and a meeting crowned with delicious food is remembered even more. To the feast at the Old Mill Pierogarnia we invite all those who share the love of partnership, parenthood, friendship or brotherhood. We guarantee to satisfy your desires and senses.




In addition to our love for traditional food, we love Polish products! That’s why we work with local suppliers and farmers from whom we obtain such products as juicy apples, ripe tomatoes, cottage cheese or wines. We appreciate our Polish goods and use them in the preparation of our dishes. From the combination of high quality products, passion, a lot of knowledge and love always comes out something beautiful – traditional Polish cuisine at Pierogarnia Stary Młyn!

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