Old Mill Kalisz

With this taste you are always on your way! Enjoy pierogi in the heart of Kalisz Old Town


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  • Ms. Weronika perfectly advised izbowe pierogi with honey and mustard sauce
    Once again the Old Mill, this time in Kalisz.
    As usual, it is followed by the quality of both service and dishes.
    Super traditional Wielkopolska soup on buttermilk with baked potatoes and bacon, delicious izbowe and devil's pierogi from the oven.
    Ms. Weronika perfectly advised izbowe from the oven hitting the taste.

About our restaurant

There is no Kalisz without the legendary taste of pierogi! As one of the oldest cities in Poland, we attach great importance to history and customs - and our pierogi and lepioch are the best proof of that. We honor tried-and-true ways to spend time together, and our tables, set with delicacies made from local ingredients, can't wait to serve you.

Because just as each of our dishes is a different story, each visit to our Pierogarnia creates different and unique memories. We put in your hands the best of what we have: a recipe that has remained unchanged for years, always fresh ingredients and traditional flavors. And all this in an atmosphere where we celebrate, experience, celebrate and just be - together.

About our tenement house

The tenement house at 14 Market Square in Kalisz boasts an unusual history and a respectable age - as it celebrated its 100th birthday in 2021! Interestingly, it was built on the ruins of a medieval parcel of land, and still at the end of the 19th at this number there was a fur store, known throughout the city, run by A. Landau. After World War I, its reconstruction was undertaken by a Kalisz woman, Adamina Janaszewska, née Feldman, who, together with her husband Mieczyslaw, erected a tenement house at property number 14 in the style of modernizing Art Nouveau. The plans and workmanship were meticulously watched over by the city's architects, who wanted to preserve the coherence of Kalisz, which was recovering from the turmoil of war.

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