Christmas presents from the Old Mill Pierogarnia

Christmas presents from the Old Mill Pierogarnia

Christmas is a time when we spend beautiful moments with family and friends and give each other gifts straight from the heart! This is exactly what the Stary Młyn Pierogarnia has prepared for you! Exceptional products packed in a decorative cardboard box tied with a charming red bow. If you do not yet have an idea for a gift for your loved ones, our sets will make every gourmet of traditional Polish food happy.




What is hidden in our gift sets? We assure you that they are just delicious. Our offer includes, among others, The Gourmet’s Gift in which you will find gingerbread syrup ideal for baking, coffee or tea, our own gingerbread spread, delicious plums in syrup, quince syrup with ginger, multiflower honey from Michalski Passion Farm, cranberry ketchup, which will go perfectly with white meat and cheese, fruit infusion and aromatic Christmas tea.

We also have something for lovers of good tea! The Tea Gift includes two teas and a jam. The first is the Christmas fruit tea, its flavour is a combination of apple, cinnamon, sultanas and orange blossoms – a wonderfully warming tea that every gourmet will love! The green tea with cherry features a Chinese Sencha green tea blend accompanied by jasmine, rosehip and peony. As a crowning touch, we have added blackcurrant jam, which is perfect as a warming tea ingredient. All gift sets from the Pierogarnia Stary Młyn are packaged in an ornately tied cardboard box filled with wood wool.




A gift card to a restaurant is a great idea! Pierogarnia Stary Młyn is the place for lovers of traditional Polish food. If your loved ones like to enjoy unique pierogi from the oven or water, and love aromatic Polish soups, you can gift them a visit to our Pierogarnia. In addition to delicious food, each of our premises surrounds our guests with an exceptionally cosy atmosphere, where everyone will feel at home.




We have many specialities in our larder that are well worth a look – the perfect last-minute Christmas gift for the forgetful! What’s there to choose from? Unique syrups such as gingerbread syrup or quince and ginger, which is perfect for making warming teas. Our pride of place is our delicious spreads – a lentil spread with roasted peppers, which is perfect for breakfast, dinner or as an accompaniment to crunchy snacks. And, of course, we also have Grandma’s classic lard with pork crackling, onion and apple – it tastes delicious with a slice of bread and pickled cucumber. We also have something for lovers of delicately spicier tastes – a spicy paprika sauce that allows you to create aromatic and distinctive dishes. Our Larder also includes the unique ‘Cinnamon Wake-up’ bean coffee, which is perfect for starting the day!




Every product from our Pantry is prepared with attention to the finest detail. From the ingredients, the preparation process to the stage of sealing these delicacies in jars and other packaging. You can find gift sets in our locations or on the Pantry website! Come and pick up some unique Christmas gifts from the Stary Młyn Pierogarnia.

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