Company Christmas Eve at the Old Mill Pierogarnia

Company Christmas Eve at the Old Mill Pierogarnia

There is one such magical day of the year – Christmas Eve. It is a time spent among loved ones, full of warmth and love, during which we bestow mutual cordiality and sit down together at one table in the company of friends. A company Christmas Eve is an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better and exchange ideas that are not based solely on work-related matters. At Pierogarnia Stary Młyn you will organize a company Christmas Eve for your employees in a homely atmosphere.


Christmas Eve catering for companies


Thinking of Christmas we feel its taste and smell, our senses are stimulated. This, in turn, we associate with warmth, joy and happiness. We don’t even realize how important the dishes are to us, how many memories and associations they bring into our lives. The taste of pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms, the wafting smell of borscht and to that a hint of cinnamon. We love Christmas preparations and are happy to be part of your feasting together, thus we do not limit ourselves and have prepared as many as three catering options!


Traditional catering offer – classic company Christmas Eve 


The traditional offer includes everything that is most associated with Christmas! Aromatic red borscht cooked from beets with apples and carrots, served with a fluffy mini pierogi – this dish is not to be missed during the Christmas Eve feast. The main course is the most classic pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms, which in our country is called Grzybobranie Pierogi. Plus delicious fried cabbage and an assortment of sauces! Grandma’s traditional red fruit compote is also a must at such times. The culmination of this special meeting will be a melt-in-the-mouth hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream and real whipped cream!


Nobleman’s offer – catering for company Christmas 


The noble offer will be an excellent choice if the meeting is to be a bit more lavish. In this set we serve a delicious mushroom soup with half puff pasta noodles. Among the four main courses, we offer two choices. Our guests’ favorite option of a mix of boiled or baked pierogi, juicy devolay with parsley butter flowing out, delicious pork neck scions in their own sauce or hake in a golden and delicate coating. From the side dishes you can choose from potatoes in various formats, Silesian noodles, two types of cabbage, mixed salads or beets. Finally, a sweet dessert – chocolate cake or delicate, like a cloud, meringue with sour apple. To accompany dinner, we recommend a homemade and aromatic compote – from dried fruit or red fruits, as well as unlimited coffee, tea and water with lemon!


Royal offer – Christmas Eve catering for companies


The taste of Christmas dishes made from the heart will make every Christmas table look special. The Old Mill relies, as always, on high-quality ingredients and tradition! A rich royal offering will fill the Christmas Eve table with delicacies from the Old Mill Pierogarnia. The appetizers include four items, among which you choose the two best for your guests. Choose from fish in various forms or traditional hunter’s bigos.

We realize that we put you in front of difficult choices, because it’s hard to decide on one of our soups – red borscht or mushroom soup, these are serious decisions! In the main courses, we have three main courses to choose from among seven items. There are our classic pierogi, as well as various meat dishes and fish. The main courses include a choice of two potato side dishes and two greens.

Lunch will be topped off with a delicious homemade compote and unlimited coffee, tea and lemon juice! To accompany the coffee, a sweet dessert will be perfect, which is a hot apple pie! And finally, we offer a stronger beverage in the form of fruit wine free of charge from Pierogarnia Stary Młyn!


Company Eve at Pierogarnia Stary Młyn


Christmas is the perfect time to build a special atmosphere and strengthen ties. Christmas Eve is a moment that we dedicate to feasting and talking together. That’s why we warmly encourage you to organize a company Christmas Eve party that will unite all employees! Christmas catering from Pierogarnia Stary Młyn will provide delicious and traditional dishes that will make the meeting more pleasant. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our unique catering offer, in which everyone will find something for themselves!

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