Potato pancakes, pierogi, noodles and kopytka in our version!

Potato pancakes, pierogi, noodles and kopytka in our version!

Pierogi is our main dish, which we have been preparing for you every day for many years, but did you know that we are also famous for potato pancakes or traditional hand-laid potato noodles or “kopytka”? At Pierogarnia Stary Młyn, everyone will find something for themselves and delight in the unique taste of Polish cuisine, which takes you back to the carefree times of childhood. We invite you to read the guide to our menu!


Potato pancakes as served at the Stary Młyn Pierogarnia


In the dough for potato pancakes, we use potatoes from our local suppliers. Then we are always sure that they will be fresh and delicious. The taste of the whole dish depends on the quality of the products, so we depend on trusted suppliers, and that’s exactly what we’ve been working with for years!


One of the options for serving potato pancakes is the traditional composition with sour cream and chives or sugar. This is an insane combination that does not need unnecessary additives – it fulfills all expectations by itself!

We have something for mushroom lovers – Piecuchy Leśne with mushrooms stewed in cream with chives. The flavor of mushrooms goes well with the texture and taste of a juicy potato pancake. How about pancakes with chicken? You can also taste such an option with us! This combination is hidden under the name Placuchy Staromiejskie. In addition to juicy chicken fried in butter, you’ll find a cream sauce with leek and peppers, and a lot of work and love put into making it (and not only this dish).


Autumn is coming soon, and in autumn we especially choose more filling dishes. That’s why you can’t go past the Mill Wheel – that is, one large potato pancake with a Zbójecki sauce and juicy braised pork meat, which is topped with a roasting sauce with vegetables. It’s time to indulge for a while and try this phenomenal combination.

We also have something for people who can’t decide on one flavor! This option is very often chosen by our guests. Why? You can then taste the three selected sauces that appear in the previous pancakes – the perfect option for the undecided!


Traditional potato noodles, kopytka or pierogi – the flavors of childhood at the Old Mill!


Now let’s move with memories to the kitchen of our grandmothers. What do you smell? The wafting aroma of traditional “kopytka” or perhaps delicate cottage pierogi? Everything brings us back to our childhood memories. At the Old Mill Pierogarnia, memories become reality – in our menu you will find a substitute of your childhood years.

Succulent and delicious potato noodles sprinkled with onions and intense crackling, with homemade cabbage or cottage cheese from a local supplier – all additions enrich the taste of this average, but nevertheless unique dish straight from traditional Polish cuisine.


What treasures do Polish flavors still hide? Everyone seems to love traditional kopytka! Soft, delicate and light kopytka, served with a delicious sauce. If you try them once – you will be lost in this unique taste! It’s no wonder that as children, we used to scrimp on them.


What flavor still captivated us as children and at the very thought our taste buds go crazy? Perhaps your best childhood culinary memory is strawberry pierogi? These round and fluffy balls filled with sweet strawberries, white chocolate with a hint of basil will take you back to a carefree time. It’s wonderful how much food can evoke memories. At Old Mill Pierogarnia, we want you to feel like you are visiting family. We try with our interiors and dishes to bring you closer to the rich Polish cuisine and take you on a journey to the past serving unique dishes. Do we succeed? Check it yourself by visiting one of our establishments!

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