Desserts from the Old Mill Pierogarnia

Desserts from the Old Mill Pierogarnia

There is nothing like a moment of pleasure with a good coffee and a delicious dessert! At the Old Mill Pierogarnia you will find something special for a sweet moment after a delicious lunch. Among traditional desserts, crispy pierogi – our special offer – stand out. You absolutely must try our specialties in person!




Szarlotka with ice cream

Warm apple pie is prepared with apples straight from Polish orchards and sweet crumble served warm. Simplicity combined with high quality ingredients gives us the extraordinary taste of traditional apple pie. For our guests, we usually offer this apple dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Vanilla ice cream perfectly complements the taste of warm apple pie with delicate apples.


A cloud of nuts under a crumble

This combination puts you in a nut and caramel dizziness! The dessert is distinguished by a delicate, cloud-like mousse, which is served with nut pralines and the addition of tangy caramel and juicy fruit mousse. The nut and caramel combination stole the heart of many of our guests (ours too)!


Meringue with currant in mint

Crisp and velvety meringue combined with sweet mascarpone cream literally melts in the mouth. The dessert is served with a tangy currant sauce, which blends perfectly with the sweet meringue. A hint of aromatic mint is added.


Miller’s boob dessert

A doughnut that we make with regional cottage cheese and serve with creamy whipped cream, which is also prepared by us, and delicious jam. Someone who loves these sweet round balls absolutely must try our proposal. In our opinion, it will meet your taste expectations.


Raspberry Cup

The cup, which we fill with three scoops of refreshing vanilla ice cream, is topped with hot raspberries and everything is topped with whipped cream prepared by us in the traditional way. We whip the cream with our own hands so that you can enjoy simple pleasures without artificial additives. We love this combination because hot raspberries go perfectly with sweet vanilla ice cream, right?


Shortcake pierogi

Crispy pierogi are nothing more than a combination of crisp and tender dough with a unique filling.
What options are available on our menu? Royal ones are filled with marzipan, juicy cherries and finally sprinkled with almond flakes. We know that marzipan, you either love or hate. We definitely belong to the former group of marzipan lovers.

Another suggestion is Orzesz-Ty, which are especially beloved by our guests and the most popular of the shortcake pierogi in desserts! Why? Maybe because of the unique combination of creamy peanut butter, praline and salted peanuts. Peanut filling encased in crispy dough is a really interesting combination!

Our extensive menu also includes the much-loved crispy seasonal pierogi! If a dose of seasonal fruit comes your way, ask your waiter for information on current seasonal fruits.

Among the crispy pierogi, a regional specialty straight from Toruń – Gingerbread pierogi – stands out. The shortcrust pastry is filled with gingerbread, which we make ourselves, and melt-in-the-mouth plum jam. A combination beloved by Torun guests of the restaurant! In Poznan you can also find a regional shortcake pierogi – Marcińskie! The center is filled with white poppy seeds, walnuts, and at the end you add juicy orange peel.

Do you know what shortcake pierogi go best with? With a scoop of vanilla ice cream! This is one of the toppings you can choose for your order. In addition to ice cream, there is also the option of ordering sweet or sour cream, cranberry, raspberry or cucumber sauce. Crispy pierogi are impressive on their own, but with add-ons they are even more special! They will certainly be memorable to you.




How about coffee for dessert? What would a dessert be without aromatic coffee… At Pierogarnia Stary Młyn you will not only get delicious pierogi, sweet dessert, but also drink good coffee in various forms! The menu includes classic black coffee, white coffee, espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato. On hot days we also recommend our refreshing iced coffee with whipped cream and an interesting combination of double espresso with tonic and ice – Espresso Tonic. This non-obvious composition is worth trying!




Seemingly there is no place for it anymore, but somehow it always magically disappears quickly – our dessert proposals are just that! If you try them once, you will keep coming back to them. Together with coffee, they are the perfect complement to a meal. After dessert, it is possible that you will have to stay with us a while longer to rest after the dose of sugar you have taken in, but that’s nothing, we really enjoy hosting you!

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