Vegan and vegetarian pierogi and non-alcoholic drinks on the menu at Old Mill Pierogarnia

Vegan and vegetarian pierogi and non-alcoholic drinks on the menu at Old Mill Pierogarnia

Vegan and vegetarian cuisine does not scare us! At the Old Mill Pierogarnia, everyone, from ardent carnivores to lovers of plant-based cuisine, is sure to find what they are looking for. In recent years, our eating habits have been changing, meat restriction not only applies to vegans or vegetarians, more and more people who eat meat on a daily basis fancy vegan or vegetarian dishes from time to time. Non-alcoholic drinks are also growing in popularity, so check out what dishes and drinks the Old Mill Pierogarnia can offer!


Vegetarian specialties from the Old Mill Pierogarnia


Vegetarian dishes are marked in green with us. In our restaurant you will find some tempting vegetarian offerings. For starters, Izbowe pierogi with juicy red and black lentils and Bursztyn cheese, mild spinach and mushrooms. The unique taste of Izbowe pierogi delighted many a guest! There will also be something for those who love the taste of carrots – Karotkowe pierogi, which boldly entered the salons with the spring menu and immediately conquered the palates of guests, wrapping them in a delicate and fresh combination of carrot mousse and green peas, and their vibrant, energetic color makes you want to eat them endlessly. Vegetarian cuisine is not boring, on the contrary. Vegetarian dishes bring with them a variety of flavors and colors! Cebrowe pierogi are distinguished by an unusual stuffing with young spinach, sorrel, distinctive garlic and melting Dziugas cheese. The combination of some ingredients in vegetarian pierogi may seem strange, but we guarantee that their taste surprises. Some of the most beloved vegetarian pierogi are Pastusze with melting smoked cheese, for which we recommend choosing the fried option. Taking inspiration from Podhale cuisine, we also have on the menu remarkable pierogi with Bryndza and delicate mashed potatoes, which will transport you to a mountainous atmosphere.


Suggestions for vegans from the Old Mill Pierogarnia


We haven’t forgotten about vegans! We also have vegan pierogi on our menu. How about an interesting combination of fried carrots, onions, young cabbage and fresh thyme? An inconspicuous, vegetable and delicate combination that will surprise you! We also have something for fans of traditional combinations – cabbage with mushrooms in Grzybobranie pierogi. This stuffing literally melts in your mouth! We recommend Ogrodnika pierogi, for the preparation of which we use roasted potatoes from local farmers, stewed onions and perhaps a bit forgotten, but still a classic of Polish cuisine – sorrel. Believe us or not, but this trio captivates with its aroma as well as its taste. You can try the vegan offerings at any Pierogarnia Stary Młyn. Thin dough that melts in the mouth, and to top it off, a perfectly matched stuffing! If you are wondering where to find the best vegan pierogi, you have the answer!


Old Mill recommends non-alcoholic drinks


The fashion for non-alcoholic beers began several years ago. Along with this, other non-alcoholic drinks began to emerge, which you will find on the menu of the Old Mill Pierogarnia. Chilled drinks are even more tempting this summer season! For this season, the ideal choice would be the Chamomile Summer drink, which contains strawberry and chamomile cordial, egg white with the addition of natural Antonovka apple juice. We also have something for wine fans! How about a non-alcoholic sparkling wine combined with aromatic plum-thyme syrup and quince juice? This is the drink Plum with a Twig – be sure to remember this name, because once you try it, you will definitely come back to it. This is the perfect drink for summer! Another suggestion from us for refreshment on these hot days is Gooseberry Love, a drink you will fall in love with! A refreshing combination of sparkling wine (non-alcoholic, of course) with juicy cucumber, aromatic fresh mint leaves and delicate sweet and sour gooseberry mousse, which perfectly balances the whole.


Old Mill Pierogarnia for vegans and vegetarians


Vegan and vegetarian offerings are in fact for everyone. Even the biggest meat lovers will find this out! We chase trends and respond to the expectations of our guests by supplementing our menu. We try to make sure that everyone finds something for themselves (and we seem to be succeeding). You will find vegan and vegetarian proposals on the menu of the Old Mill Pierogarnia marked in green. We love to invent and test new pierogi flavors for you. Have we made you crave them? Good for you! We invite you to taste delicious pierogi from the green zone of the menu.

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