Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Old Mill Pierogarnia!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Old Mill Pierogarnia!

Love has more than one name and face, you can love and be loved in a million ways. And what does love taste like…? This is best described by the old saying: Through the stomach to the heart. For is there anything nicer than a mug of warm tea, served after a hard day, on a cold evening by a loved one? Is there anything more salutary than mom’s broth, cooked with love and care? Or grandma’s dumplings, improved from tenderness and warmth…? We know that these are the moments that create the taste of love – moments with loved ones over a plate or a cup. So there’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than sharing a meal together. That’s why we invite all loved ones and lovers to celebrate the holiday of love at our dumpling shops!





You can laugh, you can avoid from afar the display cases with teddy bears and ubiquitous hearts, you can refuse to let commercialism and cut off Valentine’s Day. But there is no magic – on this day everyone wants to spoil someone and be spoiled, more than the affectionate words that are sometimes thrown around every day… So let’s face it – the holiday of lovers is worth celebrating! And if you don’t want to do it with a red rose and a video from a streaming platform, you can find another way – with us, our restaurants and dishes created with love and tenderness!

Our dumpling houses invite you to their cozy, warm, pleasant rustic interiors for a new dimension of flavorful delight. With us you can relax, unwind, talk quietly, and above all – have a great time. The Valentine’s Day atmosphere will be found with us by everyone – those who still have wild butterflies in their bellies, those who have already tamed them, and those who are not sure whether to catch or release them.

At the Old Mill we celebrate all facets of love, which is why we also invite whole families – a play corner awaits the beloved little ones, so that the older ones, craving some intimacy, can have a moment of time just for themselves. And all amidst aromatic scents that definitely affect the senses and flavors that will pamper them!





What awaits our guests in love? Of course, the delicacies themselves, into the creation of which all the most beautiful hot emotions have been put. Our delicious homemade soups are sure to warm up wonderfully for a good start, while dumplings in various guises, stuffed with warmth and love, will satisfy more hunger. There is also no shortage of meats, salads and fish, with delicious side dishes that not only taste outstanding, but also create truly artistic compositions on the plate – until it’s nice to look at!

Of course, we also recommend desserts, ideal for a date, sweet as the first smile, filling as a passionate kiss, satisfying as the closeness of another person, in a word – perfect for a romantic meeting! And the best culmination of a wonderful meal will be our proprietary cocktails, wonderfully red wines or hot drinks.





In our dumpling shops we know how to turn up the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day and release emotions, so we smuggle quite a few aphrodisiacs in our dishes. Chocolate, cinnamon, almonds, truffles, red wine… You’ll find them in both dinner dishes and desserts, not just for Valentine’s Day – we just love these ingredients and know how they work! And since happiness should be helped – why not do it in a tasty way…? We encourage you to try different dishes, share with another person, treat yourself together – let your Valentine’s Day dinner or lunch abound with new sensations!





Did you know that Polish cuisine ranked 14th among the world’s best cuisines according to TasteAtlas? This doesn’t surprise us, because we know how traditional (and even less traditional!) Polish dishes are made – simply out of love, passion, knowledge and fun, and nothing bad can come out of such a combination! That’s why there is no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a delicious meal at a native restaurant. In our dumpling shops you will get acquainted with regional and national flavors, classic and slightly deconstructed, completely simple and flagship, and turned up with various additives. Get carried away by your imagination and a wave of flavors – you can trust us like a loved one!

All those in love with passionate love, friendship, parental love, brotherly love, grandmotherly love, childish love and any other love, but always beautiful, we invite you to celebrate the day of love together with Old Mill! We guarantee elation, inhalations of delight, satisfaction of desire and satiation of the senses!

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