New dishes at the Old Mill Pierogarnia

New dishes at the Old Mill Pierogarnia

Autumn has settled in for good, and with it the first chills, grayness and melancholy. But real treasures also appear – wonderfully colorful leaves, round chestnuts, mushrooms pleasing to the eye… And new things at the Old Mill! With us, autumn smells and tastes wonderful, and each of our restaurants has something to warm up and definitely improve the autumn mood.





When you don’t know what to eat, you know that good food will always do the trick. So if you have a “taste for WHAT” – our Pierogarnias will find a way to satisfy any hunger in no time. New regional flavors await in each of our Old Mill. In Wroclaw there is sour soup, very substantial, solid and sincere, with sausage, eggs and potatoes, in Gdansk there is light crawfish soup, with trout dumplings or Wielkopolska soup on buttermilk in Kalisz. We also love broths, especially our new goose broth with dumplings, for which we invite you to Bydgoszcz.

For lovers of dishes without meat, we have a real treat – bean spread on crusty, homemade, pampered bread, which is also new in Bydgoszcz, as well as zulik with strawberry jam with aromatic rosemary and fresh gzik, to be tasted in Lodz. Fish enthusiasts will also be pleased – herring tartare with rye bread will pamper the palate of all Gdansk residents in autumn!





New autumn means new flavors of pierogi in our Pierogarnias! Silesian Heaven, or dumplings with pork meat, bacon and dried plum, awaits in Wroclaw. It’s a flavor balancing on the border between autumn and winter, perfect for getting into the right pre-Christmas mood. For those who love Russian dumplings, but would prefer without cottage cheese (yes, it’s possible!), we suggest Kowal’s dumplings, with potatoes, bacon and onions – filling and delicious! Kujawiak’s dumplings with goose, buckwheat groats and cranberries are sure to please – they look, smell and taste so good that nothing else is needed for happiness. The same goes for the Starogdan dumplings, with roast veal and liver – they are a tasty concrete, perfect for a big hunger. You should also taste our new dumplings in Poznań – Poznań Goats with roe deer, oyster mushrooms and carrots sound and taste luxurious, as do the Galantian dumplings in Łódź, stuffed with our leber, walnuts and pickled cucumber.





When the taste comes for something other than dumplings, the Old Mill also comes with a new offering. Our pancakes and noodles are recommended for every type of hunger! You can taste Fisherman’s Pancakes, with creamy sauce, aromatic smoked trout and fresh dill, in Gdansk and Wroclaw, while in Kalisz and Poznan there are shaguns with sauce or okras, made with love for local leeks! While in Lodz, be sure to try Kolo Mlynski with goose goulash or iron dumplings with pork fat, served with cottage cheese or cabbage.





When hunger is matched by a desire for something as good as a filling meal, our unique regional drinks, shottas, wines, craft beers and non-alcoholic but 100% delicious beverages will come to the rescue, among which you will also see a few novelties. In Wroclaw, connoisseurs will be treated to Kminkowa Pigwa and Kminkówka Wroclawska, good for both pleasure and health, as well as Spod Sleza wine, mysterious, aromatic, almost magical! In Kalisz we invite you to Honey Citrus, which will wonderfully warm you up and interest you with its sweet and tart aroma. While in Bydgoszcz, you should try the Orange Forest drink, based on exclusive Baczewski whisky, and in Torun – it is well known – gingerbread lovers will find their ambrosia in a drink based on Torun gingerbread, with a fruity-almond-cream addition. In Gdansk, Zlota Sliwka with Goldwasser liqueur, as well as the tasty liqueur itself, is ready to warm up; in Poznan, Poznan mead with quince juice and peach syrup awaits, and in Lodz, Wiśniowa Słodycz on a brandy base or Lodz Grzanka.





Of course, in addition to the new products, our Pierogarnias constantly and invariably offer good, tried-and-true flavors, poured, coined, brewed and baked with love and tenderness. There is something good for everyone! We encourage you to arrange a tasty tour and check out the novelties at each Old Mill! Every region is a different flavor, and each one is worth the sin. And everywhere will be like home – warm, aromatic, pleasant and simply delicious!

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