New spring-summer menu at the Old Mill

New spring-summer menu at the Old Mill

You can do physical form in the spring, but you can also make someone happy, and if someone can’t make up their mind – the Old Mill invites you with its new, light, flavorful, truly spring, and most importantly – delicious menu that provides both!




What do we appreciate spring and summer most for? First of all, for the fact that they enchant with freshness, novelties and seasonal delicacies. We couldn’t miss them in our dumpling shops, too! With the arrival of spring and with the prospect of summer approaching ever more quickly, the Old Mill has introduced many delicious novelties to its menu; the long-awaited, well-known, beloved and longed-for flavors of dumpling lovers have also returned. So, we invite you to spoil yourself with delicacies, among which everyone will find something for themselves – something light, sweet, dry, traditional – simply excellent, as befits delicacies from the Old Mill.

For starters, something light to gently enter the new season and get you comfortable… As you know, the Old Mill is not only about dumplings, so we invite all lovers of greens to enjoy delicious, fresh salads that will surprise you with interesting flavor combinations and, of course, the crunchiness of all ingredients. We have a proposal for both meat and fish lovers and vegans, as well as an outstandingly flavorful salad with goat cheese. They are sure to charm with their unusual compositions – topinambur, flavor of elderflowers or cashew nuts are just some of the attractive additions. Nothing tastes as good on a warm day as a light, juicy salad….

For those who love our dumplings (tasty regardless of the season), a face will surely smile at the sight of our (un)novelty – Religious Dumplings stuffed with delectable salami and cheddar cheese. They are back in a big way, improved with even more flavor, to the delight of their admirers. Among the dumpling novelties there is also something for vegetarians – the highly aromatic Pierogi Wiosenne, filled to the brim with a delicious mix of fresh vegetables.




Among our plump pancakes was also a novelty – perfect to get your strength up for spring cleaning, for example. The Mill Wheel is one big pancake with a thick, aromatic sauce, braised meat and vegetables, which smells compelling and tastes even better. It will fully satisfy hunger and provide a sense of satiety for any lover of good food.

Like spring means fresh strawberries, and like strawberries… so do dumplings! Culled with tenderness, they are also stuffed with white chocolate and basil, which perfectly conquers the sweet taste and introduces an element of “surprise”.




Those who expect only sweets will not be disappointed either. The Old Mill takes care of the gourmands, offering them delicious Grandmother’s treats, among them a novelty – meringue with cream and fruit. Not much needs to be said – the combination of wonderful sweetness with a slightly sour gooseberry sauce and sweet seasonal fruits sounds like a culinary dream come true for any dessert lover. We recommend delicious drinks based on herbs and fruits with rhubarb at the forefront – for digestion, and for taste!




For those who like to pass the time with good drinks, we have something special. Maciej Mazur, World Class Poland’s Bartender of the Year, had a hand in creating the novelty at the Old Mill. Especially for us, he created delicious cocktails that enchant with perfectly brewed flavors, overflowing with fruits, herbs and honeys; lightly sparkling or fantastically refreshing. Also among Polish vodkas and excellent liquors we have novelties – it’s worth noting, for example, Wilcza Brandy – very deep, with an excellent finish. Our liquors will certainly be a unique experience for true connoisseurs of good, quality spirits. The Old Mill will not be short of good wine either – for spring and summer we recommend new and fresh, sweet and aromatic wine from ripe mirabelles, perfect for a spring or summer evening.

A delicious novelty also awaits abstainers – a non-alcoholic drink based on gooseberry, cucumber and mint will wonderfully refresh, and the bubbles will pleasantly tickle the palate.

A new season – a new menu at the Old Mill, but we are constantly sticking, balling, kneading, filling, stuffing, filling, stuffing with flavor, passion and love for food all our dishes. Enjoy the novelties and the classics – something delicious awaits everyone!

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